$3.4 Trillion & Counting

It is ironic that ‘we the people’ are some of the most manipulated on earth. It is equally odd that even though we ‘think’ we’re part of the greatest democracy the world has ever known – we do not actually participate in a democracy at all; nor do we recognize one when we see it. These facts attest to how thoroughly the ‘American people’ have been propagandized by corporate media and govt. ‘talking heads’. Americans are slaves to a system that preys upon them and turns around and tells them how well they are treated.
8/9/07: Fed and European Central Bank inject $154 billion into financial system.
8/10/07: Fed injects another $38 billion.
8/23/07: Fed injects $17.25 billion.
9/6/07: Fed adds $31.25 billion in reserves to US money markets.
3/24/08: Fed agrees to lend $29 billion to facilitate Bear Stearns acquisition by JPMorgan Chase.
3/27/08: Fed injects $200 billion of Treasury securities.
7/30/08: $300 billion Federal Housing Administration bailout passed.
9/7/08: Quasi-nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac accompanied by a Treasury pledge to back $200 billion of their losses.
9/16/08: Fed agrees to pay $85 billion for 80% stake in aig. Also adds $70 billion in cash to keep credit flowing after Lehman Brothers fails.
9/18/08: Fed injects $180 billion to shore up money markets and $55 billon in overnight lending to US banking system.
9/29/08: Fed announces it will supply $330 billion to other central banks, triples supply of corporate short-term loans to $225 billion.
10/3/08: $700 billion bailout fund passed.
10/8/08: Fed authorizes another $37.8 billion for aig.
10/21/08: Fed injects $540 billion into money market funds.
10/27/08: Fed opens emergency commercial paper window, lends $144 billion in three days.
11/6/08: $100 billion added to commercial paper facility.
11/10/08: Fed gives aig another $27.5 billion.
total cost:
$3.4 trillion
Annual interest (at 5%): $170 billion
***after AIG and Warren Buffet’s berkshire hathaway, RE General re-insurance companies were being investigated for FRAUD by DOJ atty Maguire, the investigation was shut down and the new DOJ Bush Rove hired dismissed the investigations (with the FBI screaming).  Still, if you and I knew that AIG et al re-insurance companies were hiding their losses, we never would have allowed the Bush administration to give them BILLIONS in bailout money!
And then give a swiss company run by EX Senator Phill Gramm (McCain’s campaign advisor) money for his failed NON USA company.

I see something criminal here, do you?


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