Who Knew It Could Be That Easy??

An Amazing Analysis of Affidavits and Assignments

March 17th, 2010 ·Matt Weidnew Law dot com 

A few days ago I asked for examples of questionable affidavits
and assignments.    Attorneys and activists are often screaming about
notary and filing fraud, but quantifying the fraud and presenting it is
very difficult.

Attached here
is an amazing powerpoint presentation that asks some important
questions about affidavits and assignments that are of record across the
country.  Now I was only able to attach abou2 20 pages here, but the
presentation is more than 161 pages long.  I will be posting more of the
slides later, but I encourage everyone to take a close look at the
presentation.  It should provoke some important questions for every
party involved in foreclosure in any way.

The most important question I ask is how our courts are continuing to
allow such improper filing and recording activities to continue?  Keep
in mind that all that is required in the vast majority of cases for a
foreclosure to proceed is an assignment of mortgage and an affidavit of
amounts due and owing….as you will see from the slides on the
presentation, these documents are easily (and often are) created in a
questionable manner.


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