1. Rule 10b-5: Manipulative and Deceptive Practices*THE POOLING & SERVICING AGREEMENT in a SECURITIZED LOAN typically states the following:Violation of consumer protection laws may result in losses on the mortgage loans and the offered certificates.Applicable state laws generally regulate interest rates and other charges, require certain disclosure, and require licensing of the originators. In addition, other state laws, public policy and general principles of equity relating to the protection of consumers, unfair and deceptive practices and debt collection practices may apply to the origination, servicing and collection of the mortgage loans.The mortgage loans are also subject to federal laws, including the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act and Regulation Z promulgated thereunder, which require certain disclosures to the mortgagors regarding the terms of the mortgage loans.Violations of certain provisions of these federal and state laws may limit the ability of the servicer to collect all or part of the principal of or interest on the mortgage loans and in addition could subject the trust to damages and administrative enforcement. In particular, the failure of the originators to comply with certain requirements of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act, as implemented by Regulation Z, could subject the trust to monetary penalties, and result in the mortgagors’ rescinding the mortgage loans against the trust. MORE TRUTH CAN BE FOUND AT ForeclosureHamlet dot org

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