Let the indictments begin!

Americans United For Justice

For Years the Banking cartels have been planning the greatest most massive Ponzi Scheme in the worlds history. Facilitated by the securitizations of mortgages, the creation of MERS and the intentional disablement of banking regulations, the banking cartels have finally obtained its objective of extracting all the wealth from Americas working middle class.

Today, these same Banksters and Fraudsters inundate our court rooms with fraudulent documents, most of these manufactured  “in house” by foreclosure mills with the full knowledge and intent of defrauding our courts in the process of stealing the homes of millions of Americans to which they have never owned legal title.

The amount of Bankster/foreclosure mill fraud has no limits and usually constitute third degree to first degree Criminal Felonies offenses in most states. Americans United For Justice is here to make sure that the law applies equally to these Banksters and Fraudsters as it would apply to the average Joe, as a fraud is a fraud is a fraud, regardless of the suit worn by the perpetrator. For this purpose we will go county by county and state by state obtaining these documents, indexing these documents, optimizing the OCR of these documents so that THE PEOPLEthe VICTIMS of these frauds can compare documents and catch many an unscrupulous Notary, “Authorized Signatory” and or “Affiant” playing the squiggly signature game, the multiple title game and/or the expired or not yet issued fraudulent notary seal game.

We provide the most up to date Sample Pleadings largest Database on the Internet, allowing pro-se defendants that cannot afford an attorney the possibility of educating themselves and defending their homesteads by FIGHTING BACK. Never EVER walk away from your home, FIGHT BACK! Here you have the tools to do so. We will expose the enemy Bank by Bank and State by State.




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