Geithner Meets With Homeowner Advocates, Homeowners Bogged Down In HAMP

Arthur Delaney – WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner met Wednesday with homeowner advocates and people who have struggled to get mortgage modifications from banks participating in the administration’s anti-foreclosure program.

Ken Kelly of Antioch, Calif. said he told Geithner he asked Bank of America for help via the Home Affordable Modification Program almost a year ago. He said the bank repeatedly lost his paperwork during a “trial” period. It granted him a modification, but then said he would be kicked out because of a bankruptcy during the trial. “They had me mixed up with someone from another state,” Kelly said.

Through his volunteer work with PICO, a national network of faith-based community advocacy groups, Kelly said he has helped borrowers with HAMP problems and even participated in sit-down meetings Bank of America executives. He believes his situation was ultimately resolved only because of his volunteer work with PICO.

“I deal with these people face to face and this has happened to me,” he said. “If I was dialing an 800 number they would have foreclosed on me.”

Full article here;


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