Reading between the lines; what Bill McCollum is really trying to tell us

Read between the lines… what is Bill McCollum REALLY saying?

So I watched the recent interviews of Bill McCollum (Attorney General for the state of Florida) and in the interview the AG says that they want to give the Banks another shot at coming in with the correct paperwork so that they can get the foreclosures moving again.

Are you serious? They committed fraud with the first sets of papers, now you want to give the crooks a free pass to come back with new sets of FAKE papers… why on earth would you allow that to happen? As if the only proper solution lies in clearing the “backup” (glut) of houses on the market that sit vacant and empty, have mold growing in them and very few buyers (except the foreigners who now come to buy our properties – title flaws and all – for pennies on the dollar).

The perps just don’t have standing, what lawful owner of ANYTHING needs to file FAKE PAPERS in order to prove ownership? Probably because they are not the REAL OWNER… ya think?


@ 1:24 – There are two separate things going on here, you do have the robo-signers with the mortgage service companies that the banks own & they are quite separate and distinct from the “lawyers” the Stern law firm… where we know there’s real fraud and we believe that and we are thoroughly under an investigation of that…

@ 1:47 – Over on the robo side on the service providers where we’re reading about this every day in the national press, we have tens of thousands of foreclosures pending in Florida, it’s a huge economic problem and most of that appears to us to be ministerial, negligence, uh I don’t know if it’s criminal, we’ll have to wait and see…

@ 2:10 – The big thing for Florida right now is to get the pending foreclosures under way again, get new processes in place… make sure that BofA, JPM, GMAC, get this going again, which they say they are now, with the right stuff & correctly so we don’t get a big additional backup to what we already have.

@ 4:10 – Right now, assuming what we do know the law firms are separate. They were contracted by BofA for example, by JPM, by GMAC… they were doing their work on their own, we have yet to have a tie that we know of between the bad things the law firms were doing and these banks, so unless that happens, unless we see that tie, its way too early to make accusations about connections that could get people into trouble with officials. We’d like to believe, of course that this is simple negligence on the part of the banks.


@ 4:20 – I know that we have to go through a legal process it’s painfully slow sometimes but we will get there, and we’ll do it in due course and that’s why we want to signed and double track this on the other hand and make sure that JPM and BofA and GMAC are going ahead with their foreclosures getting these pending foreclosure cases moving again with new processes that do not have these kinds of dramatic problems to the legality of the process.

*Mr. Attorney General, what’s bad is telling people they need to be 90 days behind before anyone at the servicing company assists them. What’s bad is putting someone into a “trial” modification program and soaking up their last bit of resources while simultaneously the servicer is putting them into foreclosure. What’s bad is that third-party interlopers cashed in on TARP and other monies (paid for by US Taxpayers of course) who were never lawfully entitled to do so. They suffered no loss, loaned no money and also happened to defraud investors across the world and tanked the US & global economy. What’s bad copying mortgage notes multiple times, aggregating them into multiple investment pools and insuring them with multiple credit default swaps. What’s bad is that they never recorded the security instrument in public record per the mortgage contract and the pooling & servicing agreement.

What’s even WORSE is that the establishment prefers to cast the American people into homelessness instead of prosecuting criminals for the plethora of crimes they have committed and allowing them to walk away scott free after plundering generations of Americans & sticking them with the bill.

Sir, with all due respect, the people at the bank who “ordered” the FAKE/FALSE/FORGED/FABRICATED documents are just as guilty as the people who created them and just as guilty as the lawyers that submit them. Just an FYI =~)


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